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In anime fandoms, you’ll find:

- the ship where the two guys hate each other
- the ship with the stoic one and the emotional one OR the asshole and the sweetheart
- the ship where they’re childhood friends and soulmates
- the ship that says “you will never be alone, I promise” and ends tragically

in naruto that is all the same ship

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ONE OK ROCK, Primal Footmark, subbed. Lots of thanks again to junishinobi and takarisma for the translations! Part 3/…

white=taka, blue=toru, green=tomoya, yellow=ryota

*They don’t specify which song they are talking about here. 

**Toru’s reaction can imply they plan on doing a cover at Yokohama Stadium (vs an OOR song, new or otherwise), but we’re just guessing here, so BIG DISCLAIMER, as we really can’t tell.

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