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New unreleased song from SPYAIR which was originally planned for release this summer.

An announcement from SPYAIR’s official Facebook:

Dear SPYAIR supporters:

We send our deepest apologies on this delayed announcement with the understanding of your concerns on the condition of the band since the sudden cancel of “SPYAIR TOUR 2014 “Imagination” on May 2014. 
Moreover, we would like to express our appreciation to all of those who have supported and looked forward to SPYAIR’s activities.

IKE, the vocalist, underwent a polypectomy treatment. Currently, he is showing successful progress.
Even though he is still under medical care, the band members and staff are proceeding to prepare for SPYAIR’s next project.

SPYAIR WILL NOT BREAKUP. Rather, SPYAIR will move forward.
We will inform you on the band’s re-start as soon as we have further information.
Your patience will be much appreciated until then.
Thank you.

Last but not least, for those who support SPYAIR:
Here is a little something. Please enjoy this unreleased but recorded early this year track called, “GLORY”

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お疲れ様でした。夏のお勉強。 ありがとうございました。 制作モード入ります。 #ひと夏の約束 #oneokrock #次はフェスで共演を約束 #ランナウェイじゃなくてラナウェイな #待ってろ

お疲れ様でした。夏のお勉強。 ありがとうございました。 制作モード入ります。 #ひと夏の約束 #oneokrock #次はフェスで共演を約束 #ランナウェイじゃなくてラナウェイな #待ってろ

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Mighty Long Fall Official Lyrics


Lyrics: ONE OK ROCK/John Feldmann

When we met the pain stood still

It was us

Then suddenly it’s where’d you go?

The system blew I knew

This side of me

I want a little more

But inside it seems I’m just a little boy

Nothing else

Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall

When you…

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Here’s some instagram definitely worth following.

I always wonder where she finds these photos at and they’re always in a way greater quality than any version I’ve seen xD

I’m sorry if any of these are scans I shouldn’t be uploading, they didn’t seem to be though, so I wanted to share! ^-^

And I’m still wondering gurl like where, how

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Someone remember this awesome part of the documentary but omg how awesome would be if they release this song?? I’D LOVE IT FOREVER IT’S SO AWESOME like i’m waiting for this song from the beginning they released the documentary asdgfhjkl ;u;

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AAA,OOR & Japan. Part 1



So it’s time to blog about this. It’s almost over 2 weeks now and I still can’t believe all of it happened but my trip to Japan was INCREDIBLE.

From the beginning to the end I had such incredible luck that I have no idea what I did to deserve it. It was so incredible and I just kept pinching…

OMG ON THE SAME PLANE WITH OOR, TOTALLY AMAZING i wish id have the same luck www


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